Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today is the earth day.

As much as I love nature and being green and whatever, I hate earth day right now.

I do love the hippie elements… that its redeeming quality for me. Despite my poor attitude, which is due largely to my lack of sleep, I drank organic peach tea today in honor of earth day.

Today's earth day was surprisingly sunny… and instead of being enveloped in all that sunny goodness, I was stuck in classes all the live long day. So in honor of being stuck inside and of the earth days, I looked up nature-type pictures. Here is a brief ode for all those trapped indoors; here is earth day bearthdays brought to you

The best news I had all day was my captain planet findings

turns out, he's freaking hot. Mildly anime, part pop-eye build.

also, I found pictures of captain planet incarnate!…. I believe.

Then this ugly melted earth rock is so two thousand and late

hug a tree

hug a tiger

and I don't know what to do with this… but I'm pretty sure it ruined my earth day.

but this naked guy riding on his stallion makes it all better... and here's a picture of him riding a horse... :)

This is my friend Andrea.

She's really cool. Prettly much 10x cooler than I am. And also, she's really good at taking pictures…

also, she has good taste in articles…. also she's quotable.

*by Andrea Johnson

" Happy Earth Day: I believe we must depolarize and depoliticize environmentalism. Caring for creation should not be framed in a right-left dichotomy. Stewardship isn’t primarily a political, social or economic issue; it is a moral issue the people of God have been called to address. If we desire to remain true to God’s Word, Christians must redeem the cause and make it our own. We need to rediscover the scriptural basis for creation care, engage our planet’s daunting problems and propose solutions most Christians are comfortable with. To abandon these issues to secular environmentalists shirks our God-given responsibility to care for His planet."

the article that brings about her inspiration?

so relevant right now. so relevant. cool and christian and relevant. good thing thats the name of the magazine… because its clearly the best description. its relevant. so relevant that even all the indecisive hipsters would read it…. its like a christian adbusters with missions opportunities and bible college ads in the margins. I kind of love relevant actually… its just so relevant…..relevant.....

So relevant that I just learned that earth day is only 40 years old. Imagine that!

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