Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Medieval Woman

The other day in the cafe I was singing along to some great Electric Light Orchestra, when "Evil Woman" comes on. Now for those who know ELO, they sing in some really great falsetto most of the time, and their words can often be slurred. Also I'm really bad at listening to lyrics of songs and typically learn songs by the way that they sound versus actual content. So the chorus entails singing "evil woman" a couple times (hence the name), but "evil" is spaced out over a couple staccato-like syllables… so in my world, falsetto + slur + staccato = "medeival woman"… and that is what I've been singing for years… in an instant, I realized that the name of the song MIGHT correlate to the lyrics of the song which I clearly didn't know… this happens to me all the time. I actually listen to what I'm saying and I realize that I don't know what I'm saying and I learn something… and tell no one of my brain fart moment... until now.

so that got me thinking about medieval women and what they had going for them: the plague and hairy legs. Then I did some research…

turns out they liked to fish, kill things with arrows, play with dogs and play the trumpet!
Also all of them look sickly… always.
Its a must or you have to go to a different time period where you'll be accepted for your health.
Swan sitting… this was before animal rights activists stepped in and banned the practice.

They liked hats…. and partial moustaches

Looking bald was really cool.
some of them had to wear collars so they wouldn't lick their bulbous plague sores.
Then this picture made me think of the royal tenenbaums, but less masochistic

also this Mexican ATV gang.

Most importantly, this picture proves a woman's role was to decimate the weak.

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