Thursday, April 15, 2010

A few weekends ago, I was trying to find art nouveau pictures for illustration inspiration when I stumbled upon this.

I could have relished the moment and moved on with my life, but rather (factors being no plans + weekend) I ventured forth into the abyss…. I spent the next couple of hours reading stories about carnies and people with biological defects that were capitalized…. HOURS I TELL YOU!

most of my finds entailed this:

this is the most talented zebra ever. The experience can be duplicated while on drugs while looking at a dog. (I do not endorse drug use… but I do endorse this zebra) He's like the real life version of that rainbow gum… but better.

obesity is NOT a talent, but I might still pay to see this lady dance because she looks like she's having a great time….

I might even join her in my own pink tutu... IMAGINE THAT!

sometimes I found carnies with no pants

then I found some great pictures of super strong German women

I want to be a member of this family so bad. You have no idea. I'd be the woman holding the bike tower

its kind of like Star Wars, but it really happened.

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