Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One does not simply tank cat into Mordor....

I have never been the biggest fan of cats. Over the years my acceptance of them has fluctuated… but overall, they are not my favorite things. Perhaps it was the deathly allergies growing up. The nightmares of having my eyes swell shut and hours of wheezing and sneezing… but other than that, here are some reasons why cats continued to not be my favorite things.

and also websites like this: http://cuteoverload.com/page/4/

people have been doing horrible things with their cats for ages

and thats probably what makes me not like them… but then things like this happen, and it seems to heal all wrongs
then there are the people that do stupid things to their pets and think its a good idea.

...like give them wigs
Its the easiest and best choice when trying to make your cat look like a hooker.

They do have more professional looks for dogs… because they're more serious creatures.

also they have homeless looks for dogs

and princess

Most importantly is the cat painting trend… not to be confused w/ "cat painting"

no…. people literally paint their cats.

exibit A: ironic hipster cat

standard gypsy cat

bagpipe cat

lastly, my favorite, the cat butt clown….or is it charlie chaplain.. its hard to determine because its in color

also there is always the cat dancing movement….
which has been happening since life was still in black and white

cats came in bigger sizes then

Ralph, is a professional cat dancer (versus the leisure cat dancing)

"When Ralph dances with two cats, the energy fields can become confused. Instead of power being released through well-controlled movements, one cat makes sudden mad dashes and leaps. Cats who do this on their own are often good dancers."

they also have straight edge dancing cats for the more progressive believers

and poodle aerobics for the dogs

more importantly, they have an iphone game involving a dancing Michael Jackson cat

and also Hurley as a patron saint:

in conclusion, here are some hipster dogs to make sense to this messed up world.

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